We Love House 10

We Love House starring Cajmere and Pleasurekraft

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We Love House starring Cajmere and Pleasurekraft will take place during the D-Days Festival at Factory 12, in Luxemburg on Saturday 21 December 2012, the day on which the Mayan prophecy predicts the start of time in which Earth and its inhabitants may undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation

One of the most influential producers of Chicago house music, Cajmere and the seminal Cajual Records imprint are celebrating a 20 year career and hard jacking classic US house releases including 'Percolator', 'Brighter Days' and 'Let's Dance'

Pleasurekraft is a simultaneously visceral and cerebral experience induced only by the seductive, deep, groove heavy, underground techno inspired music that you hear the kids listening to .. - Common side effects include: unrelenting head bobbing giving way to complete surrender to physical movement commonly referred to as 'dancing'. The producers duo Pleasurekraft is sofar mostly know from their tracks ' Carny', 'Anubis' and 'Skeleton Keys'.