We Love House 3

Kevin Saunderson * Derrick May

Brussels 25 June 2011

Following the success of the first We Love House party on March 12th with Felix da Housecat, Farley Jackmaster Funk and Robert Owens, its with great pleasure, we had the great pleasure to host the 2nd edition, entitled HI TEK SOUL, starring Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May. The two pioneers from Detroit played a live set together using 8 decks, 2 mixers, keyboards and a drum machine on Saturday June 25th 2011 at the legendary and recently refurbished Mirano Continental club in Brussels.


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Warmup by: The Jelly Bellies & Fabrice Lig


Download the warmup sets by Fabrice Lig & The Jelly Bellies!

Alongside Atkins, Juan, Craig, Carl and Saunderson, Kevin, May is regarded as one of the kings of the Detroit sound. Inspired by Yello and Kraftwerk, he began to make electronic music with Atkins and Saunderson while studying with them at Belleville High, Detroit, recording either as Mayday or Rhythim Is Rhythim (occasionally in conjunction with Carl Craig) and generally on his own Transmat Records label. Inspired by the legendary Detroit disco DJ, Ken Collier, May, along with High School friend Juan Atkins, formed Deep Space, a DJ and party outfit in the early eighties. Playing what they termed as ‘conceptual disco’ to the high school party scene that was very much alive in Detroit at the time. Whilst DJing with Atkins, May spent time visiting his mother in Chicago, where he was exposed to the emerging house music scene that was being championed by the likes of Frankie Knuckles and Farley Jackmaster Funk. His experiences in Chicago opened his eyes wider to the growing possibilities of electronic music and the euphoria and spiritualty it was capable of creating. In 1986 May set up his now legendary Transmat label, taking the name from the early Atkins track ‘Time Space Transmat’ on his Metroplex label. The classic tracks that include ‘Beyond the Dance’, ‘The Beginning’, ‘Icon’ and his most famous release ‘Strings of Life’ all emphasize Techno’s most crucial component, that this is the music of machines, cold and soulless machines, but May injected and extracted so much hope, spirituality and soul from them that the result was truly inspirational.


Kevin was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1964, but moved at the age of nine to the place known as the ‘Motor City’, Detroit. He attended Belleville High School (West of Detroit), where he befriended two other like-minded students (Atkins and May). Kevin quit playing football in order to focus on music, so he joined his high school pals Derrick May and Juan Atkins, which unknown at the time would be the move that would help Kevin’s career escalate. Starting out as a DJ, Kevin soon developed new skills that led him into producing records, which he released on his own label, KMS Records. The demand for Kevin as a Producer and DJ was overwhelming overseas, as well as in the States. He introduced acts like ‘Kreem’, ‘Reese’, ‘Inter-City’ (later to become Inner City) and ‘Reese & Santonio’. Kevin has had many other aliases too, such as; ‘Tronik House’, ‘The Reese Project’, ‘EssRay’, ‘Kaos’ and more recently, ‘E-Dancer’, which he uses to show his versatility at being able to create different facets of Dance music. Kevin also pioneered the art of the “REMIX,” changing the face of how remixers revamp songs. His very first remix for The Wee Papa Girl Rappers “Heat It Up” went on to pick up ‘DMC Remix of the Year’ in spring 1988. Kevin’s biggest achievement (to date) and his most commercially recognized project has been INNER CITY, who have come full circle after TEN years, as one of the World’s most influential Dance acts. As one of the most important prime time movers in the house and techno revolution of 1988, Kevin Saunderson and Paris Grey are one of dance music’s great survivors with a new dazzling renaissance and early pioneering hits like “Big Fun” and “Good Life”, “Ain’t Nobody Better”, through to “Hallelujah”, “Pennies From Heaven”, “Till We Meet Again”, “Do Ya”, “Your Love” (to name but a few).