Our Services

Promoting Single Track music Videos and DJ Mixes

Facebook, Instagram, Spotify & Youtube Ads Management. Our expertise is Facebook Paid promotion.

We manage and target the right Audiences, engage your fans & target your music/mix videos to potential new fans. 

We can start up a collaboration / campaign with an advertising budget of 200 euro, and you are free to add more budget to Promote any materials that you wish to promote on Facebook/Instagram adding Fans / Engagement

Our conditions for monitoring & optimizing Social media Campaigns are only 20% of monthly Ad spend.

Video clips are promoted on our We Love House social media channels (YT/FB/IN) + cross posted on your channels.

Video Production

If you don't have your own video created, one of our affiliated video creators can create a video for you in line with your budget and likes.

Live Events

When clubs or festivals book a WLH party, or a hosted stage, the promoter gets a complete package of booking & communication management services.

Our Digital marketeer and communication manager will promote WLH events via social networks, websites, newsletters, music blogs, media partners and affiliated artists and promoters, media channels.

Artist booking at preferential fees through Deejaybooking.com.

Creation of visuals for flyers, social media posts and online promotion.

Video teasers and post party reports.

We can stream live during the night of the performance, the event can be streamed on various platforms at the same time, including your own platform, the platforms of your sponsors, mediapartners and our pages.


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